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Are your no-shows costing you time and money? Is your staff frustrated with having to make reminder calls each and every day? TeleCaller can save you hundreds of missed appointments a year. Our system will automatically call in a natural human voice and remind patients of their upcoming appointments. No shows aren't just "Money Sappers", appointment preparation is costly, and no shows deprive other patients of needed care. You could charge for missed appointments, but there is a gentle cure. Reduce no-shows by using TeleCaller.

Change Your Office Routine Forever!

Using modern technology to enhance your business, TeleCaller will personalize your reminders, free up your phone lines and keep your appointment calendar filled.

Utilize Staff More Efficiently

Your staff could be using hours of calling time for other important tasks. TeleCaller will give your staff the additional hours they need to perform other essential duties.

Let our skilled representatives show you how easy it is to use our system. TeleCaller will allow your office staff to be more efficient, save costs and increase your revenue. Call 877-TELE-998 or click on the Contact Us link.


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